1. Crack eggs into a container.

2. Beat the eggs well.

3. In a small container, add cornstarch and water. Then, mix it well. Let it set aside and use it later.

4. Pour water in a pan and turn on medium small fire.

5. Add frozen vegetables into the pan.

6. Next, put raw medium sized no shell shrimp into the pan. Stir them a little bit.

7. After that, add salt, white pepper, sesame oil, and garlic powder. Stir it a little bit and cook until it's boiling.

8. Pour the cornstarch mixture from step 3 into the pan. Keep stirring it until the sauce is thickened.

9. When the sauce is thicken, pour the beaten eggs from step 2 into the pan. Let the eggs cook and form a little bit before stirring it.

10. Slowly and gently stir it. Don’t over cook, once the egg is formed and cooked then turn off the fire.

11. Put cooked rice on the plate.

12. Lastly, pour the scrambled eggs and shrimp over the rice and ready to serve.