Ingredients: ▢ Wonton wrappers   ▢ Green onion (For topping/ soup) WONTON FILLING: ▢ Ground pork  ▢ Shrimp raw frozen no shell  ▢ Green onion ▢ Salt ▢ Oyster sauce ▢ Sesame oil ▢ White pepper ▢ Garlic powder WONTON SOUP BROTH: ▢ Chicken broth

1. Wash and cut  green onion into pieces. (Save green onion for soup later and the filling.)

2. Roughly chop raw frozen shrimp with no shells.

3. Put ground pork into the bowl. 

4. Next, put the chopped shrimp from step 2 into the bowl.

5. Add salt, oyster sauce, sesame oil, white pepper,  garlic powder.

6. Mix the sauce and meat well.

7. Put the cut green onion from step 1 into the bowl.

8. After, mix the ingredients well.

12. Pour water in a pot, turn on the fire to a small medium.

13. When the water is boiling, add the wonton. Let it cook until they all float on the top and make sure it's cooked.

14. Use a strainer to take out the cooked wonton.

15. After that, put the cooked wonton into a bowl.

16. Sprinkle some chopped green onion from step 1.

17. Lastly, pour chicken broth into a pot and turn on a small medium fire until it's boiling. After, pour the chicken broth over the cooked wonton in step 16 when it is ready to serve.