1. Peel, wash and cut onions into half. 3 half of the onions will be used for the soup.

2. Take one of the half onions and cut it into thin slices.

3. Peel, wash and cut a piece of small ginger into 4 slices.

4. After that, put the half onions from step 1 and ginger from step 3 into the instant pot pressure cooker.

5. Next, put beef bone into the instant pot pressure cooker.

6. After, put star anise, cloves, cinnamon sticks and rock sugar.

7. Pour water into the instant pot. Close the lid and vent. Push the manual button to adjust time for 65 minutes and natural release pressure.

8. While waiting for the broth, wash and cut 2-3 pieces of green chili peppers.

9. Cut 1 lime into wedges.

10. Wash bean sprouts and Thai basil leaves. Then, put them on the plate with the cut lime and chili peppers.

11. Pour water into the pot. Turn on the fire medium high.

12. When the water is boiling, put pho rice noodles into the water. Let it cook for 10-20 seconds. Or, follow the package instructions.

13. Drain and rinse the noodles with cold water.

14. Put some cooked noodle and thin sliced onion from step 2 into the bowl.

15. When the soup is done, use the strainer to remove the excess fat.

16. Put fish sauce and salt. Mix the soup well. Push the saute button and let it boil.

17. The following step, put thin sliced raw beef on the noodle.

18. When the soup is boiling again from step 16, pour the hot boiling broth over the raw beef. Then, put the bean spouts, Thai basil and chili pepper into the noodle. You can also squeeze some fresh lime juice.