1. Wash and cut green onion into pieces.

2. Cut a block of soft tofu into cubes.

3. Next, wash and cut boneless country style rib.

4. Put the sliced pork into a bow, add garlic powder, salt and sesame oil. Mix it well and marinate it for 15 minutes.

5. Meanwhile, pour water into a pot. Turn on medium large fire.

6. Then, add hondashi into the pot.(Hondashi is a soup stock which gives a great umami flavor to the soup.)

7. After that, add gochujang Korean chili paste. (You can use Korean chili soybean paste.) Mix it well.

8. Put paprika into the soup and mix it well. (I like to use paprika for a nice red color.)

9. When the soup stock is boiling, add the marinated pork from step 4. Then, add no shell small shrimp . Stir and mix it well.

10. The following step, add homemade kimchi into the soup. Stir it and wait until it boils.

11. Then, put the cut tofu from step 2 into the soup. Stir it slightly and try not to break the tofu. Wait until it boils again, turn off the fire.

12. Lastly, put the soup in the bowl and top with some green onion from step 1.