1. First, wash and cut napa cabbage into chunks.

2. Put napa cabbage into a big pot, add kosher salt and mix them. Then, let it sit for an hour.

3. Wash, cut and peel off apple.

4. Then, wash, cut and peel off asian pears.

5. Next, wash, cut and peel off daikon.

6. The following, peel off a small piece of ginger.

8. After that, put radish, garlic, ginger,  asian pears, apple and salty shrimp into a blender.

7. Cut green onion into strips and set it aside.

10. After, add fish sauce, brown sugar and chili pepper powder into the mixing bowl.

9. Blend until it's smooth.

12. Put green onion into the sauce and mix them well.

11. Next, pour the mixed paste from the blender into the bowl from step 10. Then, mix it well.

14. Lastly, put the napa cabbage into the mixed sauce and mix it very well.

13. After an hour, rinse salted napa cabbage a few times (3 times) and drain excess water. Then, squeeze it and remove extra water from the cabbage.