1. Wash and cut green onion.

2. Then, cut ham into cubes.

3. Crack eggs into a bowl.

4. Beat the eggs with a fork until it is well mixed.

5. Pour vegetable oil into the wok. Then, turn on medium small fire.

6. Add frozen mixed vegetables into the wok. Stir fry it for 1-2 minutes.

7. After that, add the cut ham from step 2 into the wok.

8. Keep stir frying for 1-2 minutes. Then, set it aside.

9. Pour vegetable oil into the wok. Add cooked leftover rice, stir fry and break down the rice to prevent it coming together.

10. Slowly pour the beaten eggs from step 4. Keep stir frying the rice and adding the eggs, to make sure the rice is covered with eggs.

11. The following, add salt and garlic powder. Stir fry the rice and mix the seasoning well.

12. When the rice is ready, add the cooked mixed vegetable and ham from step 8. Stir fry and mix the rice, ham and vegetables well.

13. Lastly, add the cut green onion from step 1. Stir fry it a little bit and turn off fire.