1. Pour water into a pot. Then, turn on medium high fire.

2. Put grass jelly powder (I use Tea zone brand) into a glass container. Then, use a whisk to break down the clumps.

3. When the water is boiling, turn off the fire.

4. Pour the hot boiling water into the grass jelly powder. (Be careful pouring the hot boiling water.)

5. Use a whisk to stir and mix the mixture well.

6. Let it completely cool off (1-2 hours). Then, cover it with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 6-8 hours or overnight.

7. When the grass jelly is done, remove the plastic wrap.

8. Cut the grass jelly into cubes or strips.

9. After that, scoop the grass jelly out.

10. Put grass jelly into the cup.

11. Next, pour honey into the cup. (You can adjust the amount less or more according to your taste.)

12. After, pour soy milk into the cup. (You can use other milk.)

13. Lastly, put ice cubes into the cup.