1. Wash and cut celery into ¼ to ½ inch thick.

2. Wash and cut small medium sized carrots into ⅛ inch thick slices.

3. Put no shell shrimp into a container. Then, add salt, white pepper and sesame oil. Mix it well and marinate for 5-15 minutes before cooking.

4. In a small container, add cornstarch and water. Mix it well and set aside.

5. Pour water into a pot and turn on medium high fire.

6. When the water is boiling, pour vegetable oil into the water. Add the sliced carrots from step 2 into the boiling water and let it cook for 2 minutes.

7. After that, add the cut celery from step 1 into the water and let it cook for 2 minutes.

8. Then, drain the water and rinse with cold water because it will help retain the vegetables vibrant colors and crunchiness.

9. Next, pour vegetable oil into a wok and turn on medium small fire. Then, add ginger and stir fry them a little bit.

10. After, put the marinated shrimp from step 3 into the wok and stir fry them until it starts changing to orange pink.

11. Pour the cornstarch mixture from step 4 into the wok and keep stir frying the shrimp until the sauce is thick.

12. The following step, put the cooked and drained celery carrots from step 8 into the wok.

13. Then, put salt, homemade chili oil (this is optional) and stir fry them a little bit.

14. Lastly, turn off the fire, put  salted roasted cashew into the wok. Stir fry or mix it well.