1. Wash and peel a small piece of ginger. Then, cut it into slices.

2. After that, peel cloves of garlic.

3. Wash and cut green onion. Then, set them aside.

4. Peel off one medium sized daikon  and wash it.

5. Cut the daikon from step 4 into big chunks.

6. Rinse beef chuck roast and cut them into chunks.

7. Put the sliced ginger from step 1 and peeled garlic from step 2 into the instant pot.

8. After, add star anise and clove into the instant pot. 

9. Next, put the cut daikon from step 5 into the instant pot.

10. Put the cut beef from step 6 into the instant pot.

11. The following step, put oyster sauce, soy sauce,  salt, brown sugar and water into the instant pot.

12. After that, mix the ingredients a little bit. Close the lid and vent. Then, push the button manual and adjust time 60 minutes at high pressure and natural release pressure.

13. Pour water into the pot. Turn on medium high heat and let it boil.

14. When water is boiling, add ho fun noodles into water and let it cook for a few seconds to a minute or until the noodle is loosen up.

15. Drain the ho fun noodles.

16. After, put the cooked ho fun noodles from step 15 into the bowl.

17. When the braised beef and radish is done, open the lid and use a strainer to remove excess fat.

18. Put the beef and radish from step 17 in the bowl of ho fun noodles.

19. Sprinkle some green onion from step 3 into the bowl of braised beef radish ho fun noodle. Then, pour some broth over the noodles when they are ready to serve.