1. Wash and cut celery into chunks.

2. After, wash medley potatoes and cut them into half. (Or, medium sized regular potatoes.)

3. Peel onion and cut into chunks.

4. Next, wash, peel and cut carrots into chunks.

5. Then, cut boneless chuck beef roast into chunks.

6. Push the sauté button,  pour vegetable oil, add garlic and ginger into the instant pot.

7. The following step, browning the beef on both sides.

8. After browning the beef, put them into the instant pot.

9. Add the cut celery into the pressure cooker.

10. Then, add onion and carrots.

11. The following, add the cut medley potatoes. (Try to push down the ingredients if too full.)

12. Pour beef broth and Italian style tomato into the instant pot.

13. Add five spice powder, salt, soy sauce, brown sugar and oyster sauce.

14. Mix it well. Close the lid and vent. Press the manual button, adjust the time for 60 minutes at high pressure and natural release pressure. (The size of my instant pot is 6 quarts.)

15. In a container, add cornstarch and water. Mix it very well.

16. When the beef stew is done, use a strainer to remove fat. Push the sauté button and add cornstarch mixture. Slowly and gently mix until it thickens.