1. Wash and cut green onions into half. Then, cut the other half into pieces for topping when serving the noodle soup.

2. Peel, wash and cut onion into slices.

3. After that, peel carrots and cut them into chunks.

4. Next, wash and peel daikon into chunks.

5. The following step, wash and cut tomatoes into slices.

6. Then, cut 2 pounds of beef shank into chunks.

7. Push the sauté button on the instant pot. Then, pour vegetable oil into the pressure cooker. Add  garlic,  ginger and the cut green onion from step 1.

8. After, add the sliced onion. Stir fry them a little bit.

9. Put the beef shanks into the instant pot.

10. Browning both sides of the beef shank.

11. Add the cut carrot, tomatoes and daikon into the instant pot pressure cooker.

12. The next step, pour water into the instant pot.

13. Add soy sauce,  brown sugar, salt (you can adjust salt to your taste when the soup is done.) and a spice pack into the instant pot.

14. Mix the ingredients a little bit. Close the lid and vent. Push the manual button on the instant pot, adjust time to 35 minutes at high pressure and natural release pressure.

15. While waiting for the beef soup, boil a pot of water. When the water is boiling, add a bunch of dried flour noodles into the pot. Let it boil and cook for a few minutes until the noodles are floating on the top and cook.

16. After that, drain and rinse the noodles with cold water.

17. When the beef soup is done, use a strainer to remove fat.

18. Lastly, lay the cooked noodles into a bowl, pour the beef soup, beef and vegetable over the noodles. Top it with some green onion and add some chili oil if you like spicy.