1. Peel, wash and mince garlic.

2. Wash and cut cilantro into pieces.

3. Then, wash and cut a lemon into half and squeeze lemon juice into the container.

4. After that, cut the other half of the lemon into slices for decoration. (Will add them at the end.)

5. The following step, peel off raw XL sized shrimp shell. (I prefer to leave the tails on because it is easier to pick up and eat.)

6. After peeling raw shrimp shells, put them on the plate.

7. Pour water into the pot, turn on medium fire and let it boil.

8. When the water is boiling, add the peeled raw shrimp from step 6 and let it cook until it changes orange red.

9. Next, drain the cooked shrimp.

10. Put ice and water into a bowl.

11. Add the cooked and boiled shrimp from step 9 into the ice bath for a couple minutes. Then, drain it again.

12. Meanwhile, put paprika, crushed red chili pepper, salt, sugar and mix it well.

13. Put the minced garlic from step 1 and the chopped cilantro from step 2 into the bowl.

14. Pour vegetable oil into a pan and turn on medium small fire. Let it heat up the oil around 375-400F. Or, you can dip a wooden chopstick to test it. When the oil is hot enough, you will see bubbles around it.

15. Immediately, pour the hot oil over the garlic cilantro spices in the bowl.  (Be careful when pouring the hot oil.)

16. Next, pour soy sauce, lemon juice from step 3 and water into the bowl.

17. Mix the sauce well.

18. Put the cooked and boiled shrimp from step 11 into the sauce mixture. Lastly, mix the shrimp and sauce. Add the sliced lemon from step 4 for decoration.