Siu Mai 

By Tracy O.            Oh My Food Recipes


1. Put black Chinese mushrooms into a bowl.

2. Wash and soak dried Chinese mushrooms for 4-6 hours. (Normally, I soak it the night before I use them.)

3. After that, drain and squeeze the water. Then, put the soaked mushrooms into a chopper.

4. Run the chopper for a few seconds until the mushrooms are chopped into small pieces. 


5. Next, wash, peel off carrot skin and cut it into 3 pieces.

6. The following, put the carrot into the chopper and run it for a few seconds, until it's small pieces.

7. After, put large sized raw shrimp on the chopping board. Roughly chop them into chunks.

8. Put  pound of ground pork into a mixing bowl.


9. Add roughly chopped raw shrimp.

10. The next step, add the chopped mushrooms into the mixing bowl.

11. Afterwards, add salt, oyster sauce, sesame oil, sugar, garlic powder and white pepper.

12. Mix the ingredients very well.


13. Put a yellow circle dumpling wrapper on your hand.

14. Scoop a teaspoon of filling onto the wrapper.

15. Slightly use the hand to squeeze the middle/bottom of siu mai. Then, use a spoon or knife to flatten the top.


16. Repeat steps 13-15 and wrap until the filling is gone.

17. Put some of the finely chopped carrots on top of the siu mai. (Freeze the extra one.)


18. Cut some holes on the parchment paper and brush some oil on it.

19. Lay shui mai on the parchment paper in a bamboo steamer.

20. When the water is boiling, steam them for 8-10 minutes.