1. Wash and dry fresh raw duck eggs.

2. Pour water into a pot.

3. Put kosher salt into the pot.

4. After that, put bay leaves into the pot.

5. Then, add star anise and cloves into the pot. Turn on the fire to medium small. Keep stirring until the salt dissolves.

6. When the water starts boiling, turn the fire to small and simmer for 5 minutes. Let it completely cool off before pouring into the jar.

8. Later, pour the salted water into the jar. Then, put a small sauce dish over the eggs and slightly press down to make sure all the eggs are immersed in the salted water.

9. Next, cover the lid and place it under the shade area at room temperature for 28 days or 4 weeks.

10. After 28 days, open the lid and remove the small sauce dish.

11. Take one salted duck egg and crack it into a container.

12. Use a hand to separate the salted egg yolk. You can use the salted egg yolk to make glutinous rice dumplings, lo mai gai or mooncakes.

13. Also, you can boil the salty eggs for 15 minutes using the stove top method. Or, cook the salty eggs in the instant pot pressure cooker.

14. When the salty eggs are cooked, soak them into the ice bath.

15. Cut it in half and peel off the shell. It's great to go with rice, congee or stir fry with some vegetables and meat.