1. Wash, peel and dice ripened mangoes. (Save half of the mango for topping later.)

2. Put the diced mangoes from step 1 into the blender.

3. Pour water into the blend and blend it with the diced mangoes until it's smooth. Then, pour the mango puree into a big container.

4. Next, pour evaporated milk and coconut milk into a pot.

5. Add sugar into the pot and turn on the fire to medium small. Keep stirring it until the sugar dissolves and melts.

6. Pour the milk mixture from step 5 into the mango puree from step 3.Then, stir and mix it well.

7. Meanwhile, pour water into the pot. Turn on the fire to medium.

8. When the water is boiling, pour sago into the boiling water. Turn the fire to medium small. Let it boil for 10 minutes. Cover the lid and turn off the fire and wait for 5-8 minutes.

9. Wash and peel a pomelo. This time the pomelo that I got has pink flesh. Usually pomelo has light yellow flesh.

10. Put the pomelo flesh into a container for topping later.

11. After that, use a strainer to drain the sago.

12. Put the cooked sago from step 9 into a bowl of cold water. Then, drain the water again.

13. The following step, put the cooked sago into the mango mixture from step 6. Stir and mix it well. Then, scoop some of the mango sago mixture into a bowl.

14. Topping 2 tablespoons of diced mango from step 1 and 1 tablespoon of pomelo flesh from step 10.