Tofu bamboo shoots Dried Chinese mushrooms Wood ear mushrooms Chicken broth Salt Chili sauce Soy sauce Chinese black vinegar Green onion

Wash and soak black Chinese mushrooms for 4-6 hours before.

Step 1

wash and soak dried wood ear mushrooms for a couple hours.

Step 2


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3 After that, cut soaked black Chinese mushrooms into small strips.

4 Next, cut the soaked wood ear fungus into small strips.

5 Cut firm tofu into small strips.

6 cut bamboo shoots into small strips.


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7 Cut green onion.

8 Pour chicken broth and water into a pot.

9 Add the cut Chinese black mushrooms and wood ear mushrooms into the broth.

10 Add the bamboo shoots into the broth. Let it cook until it's boiling.


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11 When it's boiling, add garlic chili sauce, black vinegar, salt, and soy sauce. Then, mix it well.

12 After, add the cut firm tofu strips.

13 In a small container, add water and cornstarch and mix it well.

14 When the soup boils again, add cornstarch mixture to thicken the soup a little bit.

Sprinkle some green onions on top. If you like, you can add white pepper and sesame oil. This is optional.

Step 15