1. Remove the claws and cut the pointy legs.

2. Open the shell.

3. Take out the roe and use it later.

4. Open the flap at the back of the crab and remove it. Remember to scrub the back of the crab.

5. Cut the crab into half and take out the roe (save it for later) and remove the gills (don't eat the gills).

6. Remove and discard the stomach.

7. Take out the roe on the shell and cut the front shell a little bit.

8. After all, wash and scrub the crabs to remove dirt and mud.

9. Cut green onion into half and strips.

10. Peel off garlic and use the knife to smash the garlic.

11. Beat egg white, then dip the crab into the egg white.

12. After, put cornstarch in the container. Dust crab with cornstarch.

15. Deep fry the leg parts, then the claws and shells.

16. Slightly deep fry the crabs until it changes to an orange red color. (Don’t need to fully cook them at this point because you will stir fry it later.)

17. Pour sesame oil into the wok. Add ginger. Then, add garlic. Stir fry them a little bit.

18. Then, add green onion, the top part.

19. Next, put the deep fried crabs into the wok.

20. After that, add cooking rice wine, soy sauce,  salt, sugar, white pepper and water. Stir it a little bit and cover the lid for 2-3 minutes.

21. The following step, put the roe into the wok. Keep stir frying the crabs.

22. In a small container, add cornstarch and  water. Mix it well.