1. Put dried Chinese shiitake mushrooms into the bowl.

2. Wash and soak the dried Chinese shiitake mushrooms for 2-5 hours until it's soft.

4. Plug in and turn on the instant pot. Then, press the sauté button, pour  vegetable oil, ginger and  garlic. After that, stir fry a little bit.

3. After soaking the mushrooms, drain the water and squeeze excess water.

5. After that, add the soaked mushrooms. Next, add  oyster sauce, salt,  brown sugar and water mix it well. Close the lid and vent, push the manual button to adjust time 20 minutes at high pressure and naturally release the pressure.

6. While waiting for the mushrooms, boil water in a pot. Then, add salt and vegetable oil into the water.

7. Wash and cut the lettuce into half.

8. Until the water is boiling, put the lettuce into the boiling water. Make sure the lettuce is completely immersed into the water, then remove it quickly. (Remember don't over cook lettuce.)

9. The following step, put the cooked lettuce on a plate.

10. When the braised mushrooms are ready, put the mushrooms over the lettuce and ready to serve.