1. Wash and cut garlic chives into pieces.

2. Cut cabbage into pieces.

3. After that, put ground pork into the mixing bowl.

4. Next, put garlic chives from step 1 into the mixing bowl.

5. Put the chopped cabbage from step 2 into the mixing bowl.

6. Then, add salt, sugar, soy sauce and oyster sauce.

7. Mix the ingredients very well.

8. Then, take a wrapper, dip some water on the finger and round the wrapper. Put a teaspoon sized filling on the wrapper.

9. After, fold it half and close it like a dome shaped.

10. Dip some water at the corners and bring the corners together. Details see the video below the recipe card.

11. Repeat steps 8 to 10, until the filling is gone. (It can make around 60-80 dumplings. You can freeze them if you need.)

12. Pour water into the wok. When the water is boiling, put the dumplings in and stir it a little bit.

13. Cover the lid and wait until it boils. Open the lid, and add ½ cups of cold water. Close the lid. Repeat this step for 2-3 times until the dumplings are cooked.

14. When the boiled dumplings are done, use a strainer to take it out.

15. Put the boiled dumplings into a bowl.

16. Meanwhile, in a glass container, put soy sauce, black Chinese vinegar and chili oil (depends on your spiciness). Mix the dipping sauce well.